Ten Facts About Me

  1. I have written seventeen books for children and Young Adults. (If you know for a fact that I have written MORE than this, please send me a sharp dig in the ribs via my contact page and tell me to update this page!!!!)

    I live in a beautiful part of Cornwall in the UK, where I write novels about mermaids, fairies, time travel and superpowers for the Middle Grade age group (between age eight and fourteen, depending on your interests and how much you enjoy reading!) I also write Early Readers about Pirate Dogs (inspired by my Dalmatian, Poppy) and Shetland Ponies for anyone between age four and seven. And I write books about teenagers coming of age, falling in love, discovering their identity and basically dealing with life, for the Young Adult (fourteen plus) age group.

  2. I was born in Southport in 1966. I grew up with my brother, sister, Mum and Dad. Here is a photo of me with my brother and sister. I am the one with the cool cowboy hat.
    A young Liz Kessler with her brother and sister
  3. When I was young (from about the age of eight) I loved writing poetry. I decided that I would be a poet when I grew up. My first ever moment of fame came when my poem Jinx’s Shop was published in the local newspaper when I was nine. Here it is (click on the image to see a larger version that you can read!).
    'The Tale of Jinx's Shop', a poem by Liz Kessler written when she was nine years old.
  4. Last year, two very exciting books came out. One was my first ever YA (Young Adult) novel, Read Me Like A Book and the other was the sixth Emily book, Emily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls. In 2016, my second YA book, Haunt Me came out in the UK, featuring a ghostly love triangle. It’s out in the states in 2017.

  5. I am inspired to write my books by pretty much anything and everything. My Emily Windsnap books are mostly inspired by my love of the sea, but also by the idea that extra-special magical things might be just around the corner for any of us. I have been inspired by a trip to the Arctic, by a visit to a spooky, abandoned village, by my own dog, Poppy, by an incident involving a daisy chain and a nearly-fairy, by a castle on an island. In short, I am inspired by life, people and the world around me. Here is a video I took a couple of years ago which hopefully demonstrates a bit about why I love the ocean so much and why it inspires me to write about mermaids.
  6. I have worked as a journalist and a teacher and have always loved writing and encouraging others to write.
  7. I have lived on a narrowboat and in a motorhome. (I like living in things that can move.) I now live in a beautiful part of Cornwall, and I work in my gorgeous office with a view of the sea – and I thank my lucky stars for this on a daily basis.
    First sunrise from the window of Liz Kessler's study in her new home in St Ives, Cornwall
  8. I am not very good at favourites but I’ll try. My favourite animal has to be dogs, in particular either cute little puppies or my own Dalmatian, Poppy.
    Liz's dog Poppy
    My favourite colour: I reeeeeeeeaally don’t have one. I quite like nice pastel shades. And I love the colour of the sunrise over the sea. But I also like a blue, blue sky and my fluffy brown carpet. (I told you I wasn’t very good at choosing favourites.) My favourite book: for children, either The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster or The Adventures of the Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton. For adults, either The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger or The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby. My favourite of my own books? Well, I do love them all and they are all special to me in lots of ways, but Emily Windsnap will always be that little bit extra-special, and Haunt Me was probably the most emotional experience I’ve ever had of writing a book, so that one is quite near the top of the list – for now!
  9. My favourite hobby (after writing, which I still think of sort of as a hobby even though it is also my job) is photography. I take a LOT of photographs (including most of the photographs on my website. I hope you like them) and I feel very strange and a bit wrong if I ever go out of the house without a camera. I love body boarding and surfing (I am not very good at these, and can get a bit scared of big waves, but still love playing in the sea) and fishing and kayaking and swimming, and pretty much anything that involves playing in the sea. I also like flying kites on a windy day, curling up with a good book and doing poi. (Look it up. Or check out this video of me doing it.)
  10. I like making lists.

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